About MonoMultiJack

MonoMultiJack is a program for managing, starting and stopping Jackd and music programs.

Another feature is connecting and disconnecting Jack audio and MIDI ports, as well as ALSA MIDI ports.

It is programmed in Mono using GTK# as GUI toolkit.


Main Window
main window of MonoMultiJack

Jackd configuration Dialog
Jackd configuration dialog

Application configuration dialog
Application configuration dialog


You need the following software installed:

  • Mono and GTK#. If you want to run it on Windows with .NET, only install GTK# for .NET
  • Jackd

If you run it on Windows, then you need to change the file MonoMultiJack.exe.config. Replace all instances of MonoMultiJack.OS.Linux to MonoMultiJack.Os.Windows. Your file should now have the following lines in the section appSettings:

	<add key="IProgramImplementation" value="MonoMultiJack.OS.Windows.Program,MonoMultiJack.OS.Windows" />
	<add key="IConnectionManagerFactoryImplementation" value="MonoMultiJack.OS.Windows.ConnectionManagerFactory,MonoMultiJack.OS.Windows" />

If you are on a POSIX system (Linux, Mac OS X), you can start the program by running sh monomultijack, on Windows, you start the program by clicking on MonoMultiJack.exe.