Puredata Abstractions

These abstractions may need one or more of the following extensions: hexloader, libdir, zexy, flatspace, rtc, cyclone, creb, ggee. Pd-extended comes with all these. This is only a selection of abstractions from the Github repository, mostly the ones that I use at live performances. These abstractions mostly contain GUI elements with a large size, as I use them with a touchscreen monitor lying before me, as I do not want to be a typical laptop musician hiding behind the monitor and clicking with a mouse.

[sample-looper~] sample-looper~

Records an audio loop and plays back the loop with variable start / end point of the loop and playback speed. Several instances can be synced, syncing is possible with [note-vel-looper] as well. Samples can be loaded from disk as well.

[note-vel-looper] note-vel-looper

Similar to [sample-looper~], but records and plays back a loop of midi note / velocity messages, variable start / end points of the loop and playback speed, syncing.


Filters midi messages only for note on / off messages. Basically an abstraction from doc/3.audio.examples/C10.monophonic.synth.pd in Pd itself.

[switch-bang] switch-bang

Toggle + sel 0/1: bang this abstraction and it will output a bang alternating at the left and right outlet.

[switch-spigot] switch-spigot

Similar to [switch-bang], but outputs 0 left, 1 right and 1 left, 0 right alternating.


Two [switch-bang]s combined, outputs messages rec start, rec stop, play start and play stop for [sample-looper~] and [note-vel-looper].

[pan~] pan~

Equal power panning.

[switch-matrix-6x6] switch-matrix-6x6

Routes messages from up to 6 inlets to up to 6 outlets according to switches with values =1. Lines correspond to outlets, rows to inlets, e.g. the switch in line 3, row 5 routes the messages from inlet 5 to outlet 3.

[sample-looper-box~] sample-looper-box~

[sample-looper~], [rec-play-switch] and volume control combined one abstraction.

[note-vel-looper-box] note-vel-looper-box

[note-vel-looper] and [rec-play-switch] combined in one abstraction.